Thursday, February 01, 2007

A posting I found.


F'r realz,

It's Friday night, and whattayaknow, things're totally lousy! Awesome! The weekend belongs to misery! Woo hoo!
Regardless, in 14 hours, I return to the airwaves on a semi-regular basis. For the month of June, I'm going to be filling in on the 2 to 4 p.m. slot on 91.3 FM, CJTR. If I was a more "together" person, I'd have something really wild and awesome planned, but, um, YU KNOW YU KNOW.
I've got a whole SCHWACK of new (and new to me) musik that I'm going through AT THIS VERY MOMENT, and since I'd rather not talk about me (then why the blog, bub?), let's talk about MUZIK.
Classical Classics, Vol. 1 - Emmet continues his half-assed attempt to GET Classical Musix. Those of you IN THE KNOW already know that I've sorta got halfway down with the fourth volume in this intrepid series, so why not go back to the orginal. THE ONE THAT STARTERED IT ALL. First up, Tchaikovsky: big whoop. Nutcracker music. Mozart "Eine Kleine Wittgenstein" sounds pretty good. But I'm sure that's only because I'm familiar with it from TV. Still not down with Vivaldi, despite my inclination to BE DOWN WITH VIVALDI. I figure I've give two seasons a shot, and unless Winter is totally Next Level Shit, me and Viv are DONE.
Mixtape presents: UK Garage: the Next Step - I think there's a pun in the title, but I don't think I'll ever get it. This sounds like Dance Dance Revolution music, and I suppose, y'know, in a way, IT IS. There's a notable version of Bel Biv Devoe's "Poison", but otherwise, pffffffffff. The thing about Dance Dance Revolution music is that when I hear it, I'm either dancing or I know I'm going to be dancing soon, so, y'know, pavlovian whatchamacallit. Dawg. True story: the Windows Media Player thinks this CD is Tori Amos.
The Very Best of Alfred Apaka With The Hawaiian Village Serenaders - this un's still in the cellowrap, with a Tempo pricetag no less. THIS IS GAS STATION MUSIC. I kinda don't want to open it, because, y'know, MAGIC. But then again, do I want a collectible or a listenable? Eff it, let's listen. IT'S OPEN. It's in the drive. Hmmm, sort of a South Pacific Bing Crosby, which is what I expected, but not what I hoped. Just goes to show ya. Still, the instruments are MY-T tasty, and, like, whew, that's just about enough for me. Suffice to say, it's no Tau Moe Family. Actually, it's pretty dull.
Strange Lights and Resolutions by Kobayashi - Montral triphopjazzensemble. Totally mellow, totally "chill" oh snap, there's the horns. Totally Tim Weisgarber music. I was listening to Tim's show on the radio-radio tonight. He played the entire As It Happens theme. Oh, nuts, there's vocals. Not bad vocals, pretty appropriate vocals, but I was like, totally into hearing this ALA INSTRUMENTAL, as the music snobs say. Song 2, "Midnight Ambulances" has a wicked groove. This is late night music. Can I make it work on a summery Saturday afternoon? DO YOU HAVE TO ASK? I think these guys are coming through with the Jazz Festival. Should be a deadly show. Yeah. I'm there.
La Fin Du Mone by the Hylozoists - I saw these guys live a bout a month or so ago and they were pretty amazing. Picked up the CD they had out at the time, and was pretty so-so about it. I think if I had heard that CD BEFORE I'd seen 'em live, I'd have been able to form a more meaningful relationship with it. This new one--so new it's not even new yet. It's pre-new--naturally seems much more in tune with what I saw. A little more together, and little more, um, filmic (cuz i think "cinematic" is a wrong word to use to describe music: "It's cinematic" "Oh, you can see it?"), or better still Morricone-ish. Or BIG, GRAND. Yeah, this is really good.

Well, that's it for this week/month/whatever.

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