Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Regina to possibly lose landmark eyesore

The old Albert St. Superstore building has been sold. Of course, there's a bizarre non-competition type clause in the deal:

Francis Bast, the president of Dome Land Development Ltd., said one of the conditions of the sale -- required by Loblaw's -- prohibits the development of a grocery store or a pharmacy on the property. That means downtown Regina and the north-central area of the city will continue to be without a major food store, at least for the immediate future.

What's that all about?

And does Stephen Harper really think that acting like a total dick will help him win a majority?

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dubsak said...

My and my special lady were talking about this last night. Can't really see how a new Moxies or Montana's is going to benefit North Central. I think it's quite possible that this city is retarded. Can a city be retarded? Good to read your voice. Glad I stumbled apon this. Currently adding you to my feeds.