Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Writing's On the Wall, and the Writing is in BLOOD!

For a few months now, my co-worker Timmy has been telling me at all the wrong moments about this band. "Yeah, yeah, I'll check 'em out," I tell him, rolling my eyes. And then when I'm ready to check them out, I completely blank on their name.

But finally, I remembered. At first I thought they were called "Stoner Jam", but that's just the name of one of their songs and the name of their neglected blog. It's nearly, but not quite, an accurate description of the band. For one, the songs are way too short to be considered jams. For two, the songs are way too short to be considered stoner.

The name of the band is Blood on the Wall. And Timmy was right. They are all kinds of kick-ass. They were on tour with Black Mountain earlier this year (which might be how Timmy came across them, I don't know, I forgot to ask), and they kinda remind me of a cross between Dinosaur Jr. and The Jesus and Mary Chain, with a bit of the Kills, which, um yeah, would veer them sorta into stoner jam territory.

They've got a new album out called Liferz, and they're going to be in Vancouver on April 22 (that's a week from RIGHT NOW) at Pat's Pub. See you there, Timmy!

mp3: "Hibernation" by Blood on the Wall
mp3: "Lightning Song" by Blood on the Wall

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