Monday, September 01, 2008

No Good Reason: New Howling Hex Track!

Earth Junk is the name of the album, due out on the 23rd of this September-y month. Drag City's got a track up, get it while you can. They don't usually leave mp3's up for more than a month.

It's been about a year since their last LP, XI, which is a long time between releases for Neil Hagerty. For the last ten years or so, going back to the Accelerator album from Royal Trux, NMH has routinely let loose two, sometimes three releases per year, even it's just an EP or a weird cover of a Dire Straits song. But there's been nothing but blog (awesomely weird stuff, mind you) since XI from the Hag, so Earth Junk might be the most hotly anticipated Howling Hex album since the first one.

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Tom said...

The last album was awesome, I thought. This one is clearly off in a new direction again. Fantastic!