Thursday, October 30, 2008

flashback: 1997

A great couple of posts by Wade regarding the nineties. Which is an interesting coincidence, since I'm currently knee-deep (just one knee) in composing a weird remembrance of 1992 that has something to do with something but has also become a thing of its own.

mp3: Live in Toronto, 1997 by Bluebeard


Anonymous said...

funny how wade and the boys sound so rushed compared to the Selling Point recordings, except power strike is on the same tempo I think. Where'd you get this and where can I get it? What are tose songs that aren't on the album or Fortune Tellar from a comp I have. And where's Puzzle? You should post the vid for that one, I have it somewhere on vhs.

Big Butch Records said...

That comment was from the offices of Big Butch Records by the way.