Friday, November 07, 2008

don't talk to me about 2.0

A little over a month ago I went to a party. I know, bad idea. It was mostly okay, work-related, lotsa people I actually like, etc. But somehow I got cornered into a conversation with a fella who seemed intent on impressing me with the fact that he works in "Web 2.0, you know what that is?"

"Um, that means you're on Facebook?"

I spent the next 25 minutes in the year 2006. And yeah, basically the dude sets up Facebook accounts for businesses. Which is fine, but the guy had that evangelical zeal for "interactive online community" that inevitably trumps content or even function. Which is, like, at the corner of Nowhere Street and Whocares Avenue. My unwelcome Ajax tutorial finally ended when I admitted to having a blog but not having a solid SEO strategy.

mp3: "Narrow Minds" by Angil and the Hidden Tracks


Wade said...

Um, that sucks. I don't think that setting up Facebook accounts for businesses really means you work in Web 2.0. I would say, um, developing Twitter or Apps for Facebook might mean you are involved in Web 2.0. I have to agree with you on the "interactive online community" thing. The only Web 2.0 service I can say I actually use and enjoy is Twitter which has inevitably been taken over by guys who "set up Twitter accounts for businesses". It's a shame really. Any attempt to develop community on the web usually ends up in a marketing shitstorm. It's really quite sad. I have to admit that I don't have a Solid SEO plan either. Thankfully.

Emmet Matheson said...

Truthfully, I'm not even sure what SEO involves, aside from algorithms, which is where I stop reading.
I've been averaging about 1,300 visits/month for the last half-year, and since I'm not getting any money out of this, I couldn't care less if that's good or bad.
Even when New York Magazine linked to me last January I didn't see a giant spike.
So obviously, I do obsessively check my Google Analytics stats, but more as a curiosity after the fact than as a way to increase anything.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Feel better about yourself? You must be the smug guy in the blue sweater with the condescending tone? I'm sorry I bored you so much that you obviously couldn't even pay attention. I guess meeting someone who is currently working in a field they're passionate about must be hard to take for someone who used to work in the media.

Anonymous said...

I really like your writing. Especially the punctuation- you've nailed it.