Thursday, February 26, 2009

In this job you gotta be able to howl at yourself, or else you die inside.

I don't know if I've ever seen a Kate Winslet movie, but I know in my heart of hearts that she's never been as good in a movie as Melissa Leo was in Frozen River. And I'm not just saying that because I love Homicide. Which I do.

Frozen River is one of those small, flawless movies, like In Bruges or The Visitor, that quietly goes about its business of being a damned fine movie. It deals in the small truths of people doing their best to make through this world and into the next, all the while trying to take care of their own without losing too much of themselves.

Andre Ethier is like those movies. I've written about him before, and don't have a lot to add, except that sometime in the last few months, likely late 2008, he released a new album, Born of Blue Fog, which is the follow up to On Blue Fog, released on Blue Fog. No fanfare, no tour. Just an album. Just one hell of an album.

It's interesting to see the reactions to the just-published review of Saskatchewan's Needle Exchange Program. Sask. Health Minister Don McMorris would like to see a higher rate of rig return than the 90% they're reporting, which is a pretty freaking high return rate. I think he--and, in turn, the L-P Editorial Board--is just looking for something, anything to complain about in a report that seems to show success, both in terms of public health and public finance, through following harm reduction models. I'm curious about the report's finding of cocaine and morphine as SK's top substances. The "poor man's speedball" of Talwin & Ritalin has traditionally been associated with Saskatchewan, particularly among the too-often overlapping First Nations and prison populations.

mp3: "Polynesian Beach" by Andre Ethier
mp3: "Flash in a Bottle" by Dead Heart Bloom

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