Wednesday, April 01, 2009

"both ridiculous and offensive": just another day at city hall

There really are times when I miss Regina.
Jason Hall and his Regina Landlord's Association had their say before the City of Regina's Executive Committee today. It seems that it was indeed a sideshow. "City Solicitor Byron Werry noted occupation — in this case, landlord — wasn’t a protected ground against discrimination," writes the Leader-Post.
It warms my heart to think that despite ridiculously pro-business governments at both municipal and provincial levels, Regina sluml--excuse me, landlords are feeling like polar bears, threatened and unprotected.
It feels odd to be using the term landlord in the 21st Century anyway. It's so feudal. My landlord says he won't turn on the heat in my building until we bring in the wheat and rid the forest of bandits. If they want to be taken serious (and I wonder if they do) the Regina Landlord's Association needs to think about their branding. Even Moose Jaw, in a suprisingly unexpected move, is thinking about branding. The Regina League of Property Management Executives has a nice to ring to it.

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saskternality said...
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saskternality said...

Jason Hall is Amazing, it's like he's campaigning for landlord licensing, I've also herd these fools aren't done yet. Thanks for the Nillson cover.

Anonymous said...

Jason Hall is an untouchable D-Bag. I'm trying my hardest to take him out of slumlord protection. All the judgments in the world don't seem to touch him. The sheriff can't even enforce them (the sheriff has literally STACKS of them)...tenants with judgments against this fool need to work together and share information, just like the precious Landlord Association do!

Jimfavreur said...

Great read! I belong to a landlord association so this information really drove home for me. Thanks for keeping us informed. Keep up the great work.