Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Meet and Greet

I was actively minding my own business. (jump in don't get hung up on first sentence) I had just sat down outside CC with an A'cano and the NYT x-word puzzle. (first sentence + last sentence: fact/question/observation) This was how I liked to start my day back then: By withdrawing, in public. (opening paragraph: topic sentence knock it out and get to the next paragraph)
Have been writing since 1997. (Honourable mention) Writing has appeared in prairie dog magazine, the Regina Leader-Post, No Depression, the Calgary Herald, Exclaim! Magazine, Rev Magazine, Degrees Magazine, CBC Radio 2 & Global TV. For five years, contributed avg. 2.5 stories/wk to L-P arts & life section as well as weekend CD reviews. Have maintained a blog since 2006, which has been cited by the blog of New York Magazine. Which is nearly the same as writing for New York Magazine, except for I didn't write for New York Magazine. Have worked in radio, TV, as well as performed stand-up comedy. Am from Saskatchewan which ought to count for something. I've interviewed Steve Albini and Bob Newhart. I once got a fan letter from Roy Shivers, which I wish I still had. All my past editors still take my calls. (clear, concise, personal history/professional, get name right, specific details: Miscellany.)

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