Monday, November 26, 2012

Justin Bieber: Conservative Heartthrob

I was surprised to see a backlash against Justin Bieber from Canadian conservative (or libertarian, as some of them prefer to imagine themselves) pundits following the Bieb's performance at the Grey Cup.

The Bieber Narrative follows the conservative fantasy so closely, I can only imagine their objection to him is because he represents an affront to their Middle Ages concept of masculinity. Justin Bieber, born to an unwed teen mother, pulled himself up by his Youtube bootstraps to become the moment's biggest pop star--all without the help of Big Government handouts like Canadian Content or Factor Grants. Bieber is notoriously against women's reproductive rights and has a dangerously dim concept of aboriginal treaty rights. He's basically Tom Flanagan with hair gel.
But the conservatives of the Twittersphere were unhappy with Der Biebenkindl. They say they have a problem with the fact that he was lip-synching, one of them even suggested that Nickelback (last year's heteronormative Grey Cup entertainment) "haters" were responsible for this. But, as with most conservative pundits on Twitter, their memory is pretty short.
Bryan Adams did not sing live at the 2003 Grey Cup at Taylor Field, and I swear to the Based God, I didn't see a single complaint on Twitter.

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malcolm said...

tom flanagan will be thrilled