Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Thoughts: I got 'em.

I lost my phone, I lost my pen, I spent a fortnight without constant internet access. I should do that more often.
My phone, who cares, right? I'm tempted to not replace it. Just forget the whole thing. I didn't have that phone very long. The one before, I'd had since coming out to Vancouver in August, 2006. It was an artifact. All it did was send and receive phonecalls and texts. Its ringtone was "Milkshake". I had a lot of people's numbers in there. That phone was destroyed two months ago. I couldn't retrieve the numbers. Its replacement, which fell out of my pocket on an airplane did everything people think a phone should do these days.
I was more broken up about the pen. It fell out of the same pocket, probably at the same time. Just goes to show. I'd had it less than a week. The last few years I've been using cheap Bic pens, the kind you get in packs of 12 for two or three bucks. I figured, I always carry a pen, I'll probably lose it, so don't get fancy with it. Just get a pen that does what a pen oughtta do. But I never lost a pen. I ran them dry, broke them, repurposed them, but never lost them. So when the last pen in the bag became unreliable, I decided I had earned the sweet glide of a six-dollar Uniball. So much for that. Luckily, my dad spotted me a ballpoint promoting my uncle's contruction fastener company. It's not much to look at, green textured grips on either side of the nib, but it feels good in my hand.
I filed a Lost & Found claim with the airline for the phone.
So I wasn't on Twitter, I wasn't reading my email. I was hanging out with my family and stuffing my face with butter tarts. I watched a lot of TV and read a couple of books. I put that construction fastener pen to work and wrote some notes.
Most of them, reviewing them now in the silence of the new year, were notes on my Project, which I'm not ready to share. The rest were mostly about TV.  I watched a lot of TV. I was staying at my in-laws and they have all the channels. All the channels. And a deep-freeze full of treats (half-full now) like butter tarts and lemon squares and cookies cookies cookies.
Things I liked about Killing Them Softly (which I saw Boxing Day night with my youngest brother and oldest sister)
  • heavy-handed allegory 
  • all the crime dudes were stuck in the 70s
  • Ray Liotta (who reminded me, in retrospect, of Caroll O'Connor) 
  • didn't cheat against violence with style
  • very few flourishes or vamping
  • Gandolfini was like a Haggatha song 
  • pretending Brad Pitt's character was Tyler Durden to the Richard Jenkins character's Edward Norton character from Fight Club (what was his name?) 

Ads I saw on the Sun News TV Network
  • "Natural Health Supplements"
  • central vacuum system
  • Red Lobster

Every single time I put on Sun TV, it was just one Sun Media journalist talking to another Sun Media journalist. Nothing gets in. Nothing gets out. 

Wallander doesn't know Revelation is in the back?

Good: Night Court marathon
Better: Night Court Christmas episode marathon
Best: Night Court guest-starring John Astin marathon

Book TV check in:
  • Lois & Clark
  • interview with Suzanne Somers
  • Lois & Clark
  • Lois & Clark
  • Road to Avonlea 

Random episode of Arrow
  • All traces of Vancouver have been digitally removed, but then they go and mention Vancouver by name. 
  • Stays true to Green Arrow's roots as a cheap Batman knock-off
  • Bodyguard's name is Diggle, mentions a brother named Andy
  • Really laying it on thick with the DCU references, from Bludhaven to Big Belly Burgers 
  • Not much to recommend it: little humour, no joy, no trick arrows, no van dyke, no chili, no smack talking Batman.

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