Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Be the lobster!

"'Sup, 'Sop? You see this?"
"See what? When would I see anything? I'm walking around like my head is underwater when I'm not half-asleep, which is as close as I get to being all the way asleep lately."
"Um, okay. So you didn't see this?"
"Wait, that's not... that's the new Superman movie? Is that here? Where is that? I saw some pictures of Lois Lane outside the Empress, but I don't that downtown downtown? I don't even recognize, wait, he's riding a bike? Why would Superman ride a bike?"
"Looklooklook, this is a modern take on Superman. He's a regular guy! He doesn't wear a tie, he has a blog, he rides a bike! Forget about that, look at the guy on the corner, on the sidewalk..."
"What, but that's...they wouldn't!"
Aesop recoiled from Al's computer monitor. He collapsed into the cheap, stackable visitor's chair. His left hand was over his mouth. Slowly, his hand traveled up his face to cover his eyes, his fingers splayed out so he could gawk at the unmistakable image with his right eye.
"They would, they could, and they leaked it to the Internet!" Al was dancing in his swivel chair.

"No, look, I'm not even here for...okay play that again...geez, they really did it, didn't they? I mean, what are you thinking, you drop that into your story?"
"Hey man, I thought you'd like it. It's an homage, right?"
"Al, you know I went to French school, right? French immersion? I mean, if you didn't go, I don't know how aware--I don't know if you even know it exists--anyway, I always think of the word homard when I hear homage--that's French for lobster. Did you know that? I don't know why I even know that. I didn't grow up eating lobster either, you know? Or even thinking about it. I mean, lobster to me, same as French immersion to you, right? A thing that's out there at the bottom of the ocean that has nothing to do with your life whatsoever."
"Yes, be the lobster, Aesop!"

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