Thursday, July 05, 2007

Take These Pearls, See What They're Worth In Another Place

I was sitting around the house thinking about John Millard and Happy Day. I've been making a lot of mix CDs for work lately, and thinking about relationships between songs and music and trying to reconcile them. But what do you with Happy Day? It kinda doesn't work. The closest thing I could think of to put it next to, to put it in the same room with, is the Hylozoists, if only for the sake of vibes--literal vibes, that is.
But the vibes aren't half the story. There's Millard himself, with his lofty baritone that borders on dorkiness and fantastic lyrics that are sometimes literate and puerile at the same time. And then there's the troubadour banjo style, and then the sort of Andrews Sisters style back-up vocals (so, what, maybe the Pipettes???). John Millard & Happy Day is so wholly singular, that, what the hell, screw a mix CD, just play the whole record.

MP3: "Far Away" - John Millard & Happy Day

BONUS MP3: "Straight Is the Gate" - the Hylozoists

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