Sunday, July 08, 2007

A Tempting Song

It's the summer and it's hot, and a young man's fancy turns to thoughts of summer tunes.
I'm sitting on my back porch in a Tricky Woo t-shirt with a drink. I've got a Dan Fesperman novel that I'm reading by the light coming through the kitchen window. The dishes are done and there's a cool breeze. Somewhere down the block, someone's having a backyard party with what sounds like dancing.
I can see mountaintops dimly outlined in the night sky. Not like at Jesse's place, where I was earlier tonight. We ate hamburgers and played Rummy-O. From his balcony, you can see most of the North Shore and all of the mountains.
There's something magical about having nothing to do. You end up pulling out albums you haven't listened to forever and wondering if you're still the same person who bought it.
I bought The Perfect Little Door because it has Ken Vandermark on it, but I'm listening to it tonight mainly for the Portastatic.

The neighbours' motion sensor lights turn on. A raccoon is moving up their yard. He climbs the fence and looks at me, his eyes eerie and glowing. I meet the raccoon's stare.

MP3: "Late Night Wait Around" by Portastatic featuring Ken Vandermark and Tim Mulvenna

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