Friday, August 31, 2007

The Best of Summer List

Summer's all but over. Like any good summer, you can only judge it by what you wish you still had time to do, not by what you actually did.
Stuff I didn't do this summer, but wish I had:
1. Go kayaking
2. Jog more
3. Get out of the city
4. Get out of the province
5. Get off the planet
6. Write my novel
7. you name it

That's kinda depressing. Let's focus now the positives about the summer.

Number one song to listen to while coming home from work circa 4 a.m.:
"Now Please Don't You Cry, Beautiful Edith" by The Roland Kirk Quartet.
From the album of the same name (combined on CD with the just-as-classic Rip, Rig & Panic), this has got to be my favourite non-Inflated Tear Roland Kirk track. Featuring absolutely boffo piano by Lonnie Liston Smith, this is actually pretty unweird by Kirk standards. There's some great ambient vocals, especially towards the end, and one fantastic, colossal sustained note from Kirk on what I think is a tenor sax, but might be a manzello, that impresses me everytime I hear it.

Number one song to listen on the train to work:
"Theme from Rockford Files" by Mike Post.
This is just an amazing piece of music from an amazing show.

Originally uploaded by emmetmatheson
Number one beach to be mellow and read books about stage magicians at and reminds me of my favourite Laurence Fishburne movie:
Deep Cove

Number one butter chicken:
Gassy Jack's

Number one Taxi Driver remake starring Christian Bale:
Harsh Times

Number one metafictional appearance by the writer of the story in Showcase Presents Batman Vol. 2:
Gardner Fox

Number one place to put your garbage during the civic strike:
I don't know, but how about NOT all over my backyard.

Number one movie starring Coffin Joe:

This Night I'll Possess Your Corpse

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