Monday, September 10, 2007

Montreal's Appealling

Last week was a giant bummer. My computer died, I had a real estate fear confirmed, and I generally got little sleep.
That means that things can only look up, right? Later this month, I'll be taking my first ever REAL holiday as Nicole and I venture to Montreal. I haven't been in 9 years, and I'm eager to see the city through adult eyes...If I'm adult by then.

and here's the song for your very own:
MP3: "Paris Be Mine" by the Bicycles

Saskploitation Watch: I have now received exactly ONE visit from a Regina reader (and also one from Lethbridge!), but my favourite city that has read my blog is LEIPZIG!!!

Bonus MP3 (speaking of Alberta): "Vallee of Cobras" by The Summerlad

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