Wednesday, July 31, 2013

a permanent figure of jacked up sorrow

He woke as if from a restful sleep full of pleasant dreams. The Detective's awareness very slowly expanded beyond the inner machinations of his own mind. The first thing was the grape soda. His clothes stuck to him where they were saturated. There was another smell, sweet too, but industrial. He thought first of whether or not he had a pair of pants at home he could change into. Then he wondered if the sugary purple syrup would attract flies if he didn't get a change of clothes soon. Jesus, he thought, I'll be a real life Pigpen.
He began to notice his surroundings, the vibration of the moving truck, flares of daylight from the roll-down door, the throbbing behind his ear.
He realized he might soon be attracting flies for a much more permanent reason than spilled soda pop.

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