Tuesday, July 30, 2013

far from what you need

"Wait, what? They let Gaétan out?"
"What'd you just get here or something? That's what I've been telling you about for the last five, ten minutes. Were you listening at all?"
"I'm sorry, I was...I don't get out here much...I was dazzled by the beauty I guess."
"Well, fuck, I don't know why you'd come all the way out here from Saskabush and then stop and give up twenty minutes before you hit the ocean."
"Well, come on, strictly speaking, that's not really the ocean. That's a strait, right?"
"This...," the Actor gestured with both hands, creating parenthetical marks in the air on either side of the Detective's body. "This is why no one talks to you anymore."
"What, my expectation of honesty? My preference for facts over mindless generalizations? Is this why no one talks to me anymore, or is this why I don't talk to anyone anymore?"
"Jesus, it's just a joke. Don't take everything so personally."
 The Detective leaned in to the light coming out from the other side of the patio door, drew his finger slowly along the sutures that held his left cheek together and said, "Do me a favour. Don't tell me what I should and shouldn't take personally, okay?"

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