Monday, July 31, 2006

Any Way the Spo-Dee O'Dee Blows, Vol. IV: Where's the Party At? Peaches and Cream

I know, I should have had this playlist posted Friday morning AT THE LATEST, but y'know what? I had a cold. So there.
Here's what I played on Thursday, July 27, 2006 on CJTR.

Hour One
I Love Hot Nights - Jonathan Richman
Truth Be Told - Joel Plaskett
Summertime Thing - Chuck Prophet
Arrival - Radiogram
Wing Finger - Chad VanGaalen
This Heart's On Fire - Wolf Parade
Fatter Than Anything - Howling Hex
Clockwork Crows - Run Chico Run
Do the Robot - Bo Diddley
What Lies Beyond - King Kong
Your Eyes Are A Door - the High Dials
Who's Who - Weird War

Hour Two
Be First - Joel RL Phelps Downer Trio
The Difference Between Us (Live In Regina) - Cuff the Duke
Intruder (Demo) - Goldenmile
This Is The Way I Used To Be - The Neins Circa
All Because You Told Me - Shivaree
Mr. Golden Happiness - Lullaby Baxter
Other Girls - Eux Autres
Oh Oh Cherie - Francoise Hardy
Standing At the Bus Stop - Andrew Vincent
Blood Orange - Howe Gelb
Bentley to Clive - Roger Dean Young & the Tin Cup
Lucky Dime - Calexico
End of Love - Clem Snide
What Else Is New? - Dinosaur Jr
Sleeping Through Everything - the Minders

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