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Tales of Spo-Dee O'Dee Past

Am cleaning up my office today - what a wild long weekend!- and came across several playlists from Spo-Dee O'Dee episodes of yore. In the interests of HISTORY, here they are. Or at least, here they are as best as I can read my own handwriting.

Jan. 14/04

"You Don't Know" - the Chains
"Village Green Preservation Society" - Kinks
"All the Pretty Faces" - Joel Plaskett Emergency
"If You Know What I Mean" - Martin Zellar
"Spam" - Crunt
"I Don't Need My Friends To Tell Me Who My Friends Are" - The Evaporators
"Gratitude" - Neil Michael Hagerty
"Jacques + Madeine" - Run Chico Run
"Love Has Got Me Crying Again" - Denise James
"Fist City" - Loretta Lynn
"Sore" - Buck 65
"More Noise Please" - Steven Jesse Bernstein
"King Kong" - King Kong

Jan. 21/04

"When Will Happiness Find Me Again" - Frank Black & the Catholics
"Saddle Bum" - Wylie & the Wild West
"The Down Beat" - Sugarhill Gang
"Chloe" - Ry Cooder
"No Competition" - Eric B. & Rakim
"I Love the Unknown" - Clem Snide
"No Children" - Mountain Goats
"Sunken Waltz" - Calexico
"Sittin' On Top of The World" - Willie Nelson
"Potty Mouth" - Ugly Duckling
"The Snow" - Audio Bullys
"50 Gallon Drum" - Buck 65
"Put the Hurtin' Back in the Bottle" - Linda McRae & the Cheerful Lonesome
"Muhammed Ali" - Greg Trooper
"Monday Motion Shuffle" - the Goods (I have no idea if that's really the name of the song)
"60 Cycle Hum" - Bionic
"Stompin' at Le Savoi" - Kid Koala

Feb. 18/04

"On Green Dolphin St." - Eric Dolphy Quintet
"Lily's Veranda" - Almost Transparent Blue
"Duff" - Dirty Dozen Brass Band
"Yes" - Morphine
"Ballistics" - Junior Pantherz
"Futura Trance" - White Hassle
"Dreaming Man" - Neko Case
"Modern World" - Myracle Brah
"Banff Springs Hotel" - John Southworth
"Kalupa" - Tau Moe Family
"Greyhound" - Jon Spencer Blues Explosion
"MTM Theme" - the Sin-Tones
"Fresh Horses" - Jim Byrnes
"I Just Had to Ask" - Rick Fines Trio
"Bucket of Blood" - Little Freddie King
"Bass Hump" - Dub Narcotic Sound System
"Go Junior, Go Senior" - Junior Senior
"One Shot" - Rascalz
"Hey Baby" - Holmes Brothers
"Tout Mais Pas Ca" - Lyne Tremblay
"I Was Born" - Unicorns
"Hula Blues" - Jon Rauhouse's Steel Guitar Air Show
"Viper" - Wayne Hancock

(obviously, I was only doing an hour-long show during this period, with the above week being an extra hour long)

Feb. 25/04

"All the Pretty Faces" - Joel Plaskett Emergency (hey! didn't just play that 6 weeks earlier? wtf, Emmet?)
"Sweet Cherry Wine" - Tommy James & the Shondells
"Ei Ya" - Biz Markie
"Waiting for the DJ" - Talib Kweli
"Gentle Strength" - Heavy Blinkers
"Nothing Left Behind" - the Chains
"Wrong Idea" - Aaron Booth
"Come Home to Me" - Denise James
"Huckle-Buck" - Otis Redding
"Martha" - Andrew Vincent & the Pirates
"No Dancing" - Smog
"The News" - Raising the Fawn

Here the record ends. Maybe I moved to a different notebook, or, more likely, abandoned the process altogether. However, in my excavation, I almost came across three other playlists, dated merely, "Oct 20", "Nov 10" and "Nov 17". Possibly, the year will become obvious as I list the tunes.

Oct. 20/?? (the data suggests 2004)

"The Night" - Andre Ethier
"Speedball, Baby" - Speedball Baby
"Bite Down Hard" - Ron Hawkins & Rusty Nails
"The Way It's Meant to Be" - the Features (which seems to suggest 2004?)
"Stoked" - RTX (yep, 2004)
"Know That" - Neil Michael Hagerty
"When the Sun Returns" - More Plastic
"Hollywood Ending" - Hayden
"Grown Folks" - Raphael Saadiq
"Ice Cold Daydream" - Shuggie Otis
"Misty Water" - Kinks
"Same Thing Twice" - Flashing Lights
"Mean Streak" - Jim Bryson
"No Antenna in Ravenna" - Jason Trachtenburg
"Is She Weird" - Frank Black Francis
"Wishing Well" - Lorrie Matheson (no relation)
"Rock Me Gently" - White Hassle
"Powerdrive" - Andy Kim
"From Blown Speakers" - New Pornographers
"Had" - Portastatic, feat. Ken Vandermark & Tim Mulvenna
"Sex, Love & Money" - Mos Def
"They Live By Night" - Make-Up
"Lies, Ties & Battlefields" - Young & Sexy
"Girl, Inform Me" - the Shins
"Old World" - Modern Lovers
"Smile" - Wayne Omaha
"Oh, You Should Go to Canada" - Al Franken
"Giants in My Field" - Parkas
"Bring the Noise" - Public Enemy
"Beware the Boys" - Panjabi MC

Nov 10/?? (again, probably 2004)

"Bring the Noise" - Public Enemy (what, was I going through a phase?)
"Hot Gossip" - Blues Explosion (okay, I see what I was doing)
"Crucial" - k-os
"Translucent Sparrow" - the Sadies
"Medicine Ball" - the Sadies
"West Texas Sound" - Deadly Snakes (featuring Dallas Good of the Sadies on guitar--I bet the Sadies were in town that week)
"La Bastrinque" - Jughead (feat. Travis Good on fiddle, so, yep, Sadies were in town that week)
"The Tigers Have Spoken" - Neko Case (featuring...all the Sadies)
"Flash - the Sadies
"Oak Ridges" - the Sadies
"The Unseen Guest" - Jale (featuring Mike Belitsky, later of the Sadies, on drums)
"With A Splash" - the Sadies
"The Collapse" - the Unintended (Sadies + Rick White + Greg Keelor)
"UFO/IFO" - Jad Fair & Phono-Comb (more Dallas Good guitar)
"Bliss/Spokes" - Calexico
"The Feeling of Love" - Jon Spencer Blues Explosion
"2 Kindsa Love" - Jon Spencer Blues Explosion
"Blues Explosion Attack" - Jon Spencer Blues Explosion
"All Shook Up" - Jon Spencer
"Pant Leg" - Jon Spencer Blues Explosion
"Dissect" - Jon Spencer Blues Explosion
"East St. Louis" - 20 Miles
"Do You Wanna Get Heavy" - Jon Spencer Blues Explosion
"Soul Trance" - Jon Spencer Blues Explosion
"She Said" - Jon Spencer Blues Explosion
"Burn It Off" - Blues Explosion (the Damage album must have just come out, and probably I was lazy)
"Fed Up & Low Down" Blues Explosion
"She's A Clone" - Glowing Embers
"You Don't Know" - the Chains
"Let Me Drive Your Car" - White Hassle

Nov. 17/?? (most definitely 2004)

"My Heart is Black" - High Dials
"Knowing Me, Knowing You" - Volebeats
"Don't Get Around Much Anymore" - Willie Nelson
"The Little Things" - Northey/Valenzuela
"Don't Get Down" - Hayden
"You Are the Light (by which I travel...)" - Jens Lekman
"There's a Higher Power" - Louvin Bros
"A Good Flying Day" - the Sadies
"Yesterday is Here" - Tom Waits
"Mess of Love" - Bocephus King (remember what I said a few blogs ago?)
"Doing My Time" - Bad Livers
"Ac-cent-Tchu-Ate the Positive" - Jon Rauhouse's Steel Guitar Air Show
"Tracks Tonight" - the Buttless Chaps
"Things" - Jerry Lee Lewis
"I Love the Summer 'Cause I Love the Women" - Mayor McCa
"Jump Back" - Rufus Thomas
"Addicted to Cheese" - Evaporators
"Cold Blooded" - Ol' Dirty Bastard
"Shimmy Shimmy Ya" - Ol' Dirty Bastard
"The Finger" - the Leather Uppers
"Come On Now" - Kinks
"My Kung Fu" - UTD
"Ei Ya" - Biz Markie
"Warehouse Prayer" - Bruce McCulloch
"Ribbon of Red Taillights" - Lorrie Matheson (still no relation)
"Adios" - the Swiftys
"2 Fingers Cross'd" - White Hassle
"Blue Umbrella" - John Prine
"Cool Again" - Aaron Booth
"the MTM theme" - Sin-Tones
"Selling My Pork Chops" - Memphis Minnie McCoy


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