Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Best Cab Ride Ever

Maybe you've heard about the giant explosion that happened about six blocks away from my house last week. It's become quite the bizarre tale full of strange twists and developments, and no shortage of human suffering.
Last night (or this morning, if you want to be precise), my co-worker Scott and I shared THE CAB in question on the way home after work. The cab driver was pretty cool about it and the car had obviously been cleaned since.
I thought it was interesting enough that the explosion happened so close to my house, but now I'm, like, part of it, because I was in the cab!

Anyway, Ladyhawk has a new album, Shots, coming out in a couple of weeks (like, March 4). They're going to be on tour in Western Canada in March with Black Mountain (and in Eastern Canada earlier in the month with Immaculate Machine). Dates include Regina. See Dave for deets.
MP3: "I Don't Always Know What You're Saying" by Ladyhawk

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