Wednesday, February 06, 2008

A Grudge and Anticipation

Dear Aaron/Erin Neely:

For at least two months I have been receiving phonecalls for you. I am not impressed. It doesn't really make any sense, because I've had my phone number for well over a year, and the calls for you only started recently. Either you've got a number very similar to mine and a lot of inattentive friends, or you've been giving out my number as a random fake phone number. Today, I stopped being polite about it. I thought you should know.

Meanwhile, I am expecting to get my hands on the really new debut album, Stay Golden, from Regina's Goldenmile in a couple of days. When I left Regina in the summer of oh-six, Goldenmile was one of my favourite bands to see live, even though I almost always missed the first half of their sets. So I'm very excited to hear the album. The record is out on the new Regina label Young Soul Records, whose website I want to punch because it is useless. Their MySpace page isn't much better, but at least it has songs. And if you're on MySpace, maybe you can be their friend and maybe there's some benefit to that.

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