Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Here's what we know...

Yeah, so I've been laying kinda low lately. No particular reason, just, y'know, whatevs. Expect a few updates this week as I sort through all the tunes in my inbox and see what moves me. Here's two things that just can't wait.

#1 B.C. Supreme Court Justice Ian Pitfield says Canada's narcotics laws no match for drug addicts' constitutional right to access supervised injection sites, in a bold and mightily interesting decisicion. Says the judge:
"In my opinion, section 4(1) of the CDSA, which applies to possession for every purpose without discrimination or differentiation in its effect, is arbitrary. In particular it prohibits the management of addiction and its associated risks at Insite. It treats all consumption of controlled substances, whether addictive or not, and whether by an addict or not, in the same manner. Instead of being rationally connected to a reasonable apprehension of harm, the blanket prohibition contributes to the very harm it seeks to prevent. It is inconsistent with the state's interest in fostering individual and community health, and preventing death and disease."

#2 The Mongrels rock. If you know me, you know that I have been a fan of Montreal's Tricky Woo for, like, a decade. I liked the way that their hair got longer with every album, both literally and musically. I even dug Andrew Dickson's psychedlick psyde project Soft Canyon, big time. So I was kinda surprised when Nicole told me, like two months ago that Dickson had a new band. I mean, I shoulda known, right?
Yeah right. So the new band is Mongrels. The album is Oshawa and the sound is, well, kinda Bell-Rays-y, but with a bit more chug-a-lug boogie.

mp3: "Needs Got Needs" by Mongrels

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