Saturday, May 31, 2008

Midterm Report Card: The Best of Oh-Ate So Far

As we enter the sixth month (someone's having a birthday!), we here at ABWAWBA are pausing to look back at the tracks we've brought to you so far this year and highlight some of our favourites from each month.

January: "Don't Haunt This Place" by the Rural Alberta Advantage - I have come to absolutely adore this band and their album Hometowns. Their songs about growing up in (where else) Rural Alberta strike a chord with this prairie kid, and the way they put their songs together is pretty much superb. I really like the drumming on "Don't Haunt This Place." For those of you in Guelph, the RAA will be playing your Albion on June 10. To my brother and bros in T.O., check 'em out June 10 at The Boat.

February: "City of Noise" by The Summerland - "Hey, you rockers!" Lipps Inc goes dance-punk with this song by Calgary's finest.

March: "Lovefish" by Michael Wells - This just barely beat out the Fake Fictions' latest and greatest ode to dayjobs, but the buoyant optimism and pyschic freakout of this tune is irresistible.

April: "Spring Flower" by the Great Outdoors - I saw Adam Nation the other day, and I kick myself for not introducing myself and telling him how wonderful this song has made me feel.

May: "On and Off" by Junior Pantherz - More prairie music, this time from my hometown (or one of them) Saskatoon. This song has everything I love about the Junior Pantherz, plus more.

What will June bring???

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