Friday, May 02, 2008

Q: What's better than comic books?

A: Free comic books. By the time you read this, it will be Free Comic Book Day 2008. YES. At the risk of further ABWAWBA's reputation as the Douglas Wolk fan club, here's DW's look (from at what's up for FREE grabs today. Absolutely do not miss your chance to get a free copy of All Star Superman #1 if you don't already follow that series. If you ever tied a blanket around your neck, this comic will remind you why you did it.

If We Versus The Shark was the name of a comic, I would probably check that out. But as it is, it's a terrific name for a noisy pop group from Athens, GA. They've got a new album coming out in July called Dirty Versions on Hello Sir Records. They'll be playing at Sneaky Dee's (as featured in Scott Pilgrim comics--see how I made everything fit together?) in Toronto on the 11th of May.

mp3: "Mr. Ego Death" by We Versus The Shark

And what goes better with a Saturday afternoon fulla free comics than a nice peanut butter and jam sandwich? I have been completely intransigent about PB+J's lately: nice, wholegrain bread; salt-free organic chunky peanut butter; Bonne Maman confiture extra fraises. NICE.

mp3: "PB+J" by RTX

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