Thursday, August 14, 2008

Regina Landlord Has Novel Solution to Affordable Housing Crisis

Who would ever have thunk that Regina would find itself in the midst of an affordable housing crisis? Certainly not any of the members of Regina's city council--where you'll find no shortage of realtors and developers--who were pretty quick to pass the buck.
Luckily, Regina landlord Jason Hall isn't afraid to think outside the box. While the North Central Community Association went to City Council with hopes of making slum lords more accountable, Hall thinks that it's the tenants who need to be more accountable to the landlords. But y'know, when you've got people "putting the foot through the wall, the foot through the door, leaving trash in the yard, leaving contents behind and lighting houses on fire" at the Pink Lady, maybe it's time to use a little more discretion in choosing your tenants. Leaving contents behind? That's just tacky.

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