Tuesday, August 12, 2008

What ELSE I did on my summer vacation

So I've been gone for almost two weeks...I answered no emails, posted no blogs, wrote notes in my little black notebook (more from them as the week wears on), read another Zev Chafets novel, drank more beer than I have in about a year--though never to excess, and generally kept a low profile. I barely even read the paper.
I did a lot of deep meditation on my novel, but very little actual composing. Spent a lot of time with my family and a lot of time alone. Gave the future a lot of thought. Read Final Crisis #3 and picked up a buzz off it, but barely mustered interest in the handful of other comics I scored. My pull list shrinks by the week. I'm nearing the point where the kind folks at RX Comics are wondering if it's even worth holding my weekly comics for me anymore. It's worth it to me! What am I even reading anymore? I tried to make a list, but it just made me depressed. Most of the books I was so excited about just two years ago have either been cancelled, or just fell off the awesome cart. I don't know if I've changed, or if the funnybooks have changed. Probably both. We've drifted apart, just like we did when I was 13. Maybe it's for the best, and I'll come back to them with gusto in another 13 years.
But then, even as I can barely keep my eyes open all the way through most superhero comics, there's still plenty of "other" stuff that's a lot of fun. Like Jason Shiga's Bookhunter, which you can read in its entirety here.
One of the emails I didn't respond to during my time off was one from the Morning Benders, who wanted me to know that they've got an album called The Bedroom Covers of, yeah, covers for free download on one of their websites. It's surprisingly delicious.

mp3: "Mother and Child Reunion" by the Morning Benders
mp3: "He's a Rebel" by the Morning Benders

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