Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I never wanted 2 be your weekend blogger...


It's not that I have nothing to say lately, it's just that I've been saying it in other ways. Been reading and writing. In the last week or so I've read three full novels, worked on my masterpiece(meal) and started a short story that I'm really excited about. Believe it or not, but it was inspired (sorta) by my weekend viewing of Balls of Fury. Not really, more like inspired by the credits. I also saw Persepolis, which I liked about million times more (Nicole says she liked it even more than she liked Juno, and she liked Juno a lot), but didn't inspire me, except in the way that all things I like inspire me to try to be really good at something.

So I'm in between novels right now. I just finished The Bookmakers by Zev Chafets, an excellent caper-ish (if writing a novel can be a caper) farce very much in the spirit of Carl Hiaasen. Before that, I whizzed through It's Superman! by Tom De Haven. Before that, I reread the absolutely fantastic The Prisoner of Guantanamo by the excellent Dan Fesperman (who has a new book coming out soon--it's already out in the UK!).

I'm sitting on Pest Control, by Bill Fitzhugh (from the library) and Jonathan Lethem's Gun With Occasional Music (from co-worker Timmy). I'm not sure if I'll actually read either one, but I should at least make an effort. Pest Control, at least, looks fun. The Lethem book, howev, I dunno. I tried and failed to get through Fortress of Solitude, and I read and mostly enjoyed Men & Cartoons, but I don't know.

Here's some songs that I have been enjoying lately. The Parkas track is really old, like nearly four years come and gone, but I put on their first album the other day, and dammit, it's excellent. The other two are by the Rural Alberta Advantage, who are apparently from Toronto and will be playing all over Eastern Canada over the next two months. I don't even remember where I heard of them, probably CBC Radio 3, but it doesn't really matter anymore, cuz I hear them all the time when I close my eyes now.

mp3: "Giants in My Field" by the Parkas

mp3: "Don't Haunt this Place" by the Rural Alberta Advantage

mp3: "Sleep All Day" by the Rural Alberta Advantage

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