Saturday, June 07, 2008

Beach Party!

outside my door
One way or another, I will be at the beach this weekend. I've got to, got to get away from the urban squalor outside my window. Whether it's a sunny day out at Deep Cove with a good book (I'm in between good books right now, having finished The Black Book earlier this week, and still on the waiting list for Mortal Causes--But I've got another Willeford book ready to go! It's fascinating how my mood worsens when I'm not reading something I enjoy.) and the New York Times Crossword Puzzle or at Jericho Sailing Club Saturday night watching the Neins Circa. There will be waves in my future.
I'm also hoping to hit Krazy! at the Vancouver Art Gallery and see the life-sized John A. MacDonald!

mp3: "Bentley Hills" by the Neins Circa
mp3: "Pineapple Shoes" by John Southworth

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