Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Just how final will Final Crisis be?

And so the Final Crisis has begun...
If you don't dig on comic books, you might wanna just skip this post and wait for Thursday's special JAZZ edition.
I'm not going to get too in depth on the actual series here, let's leave that to our ol' pal Douglas Wolk, but I do want to touch on it.
Final Crisis is a new monthly (or thereabouts) miniseries from DC Comics that promises, well, to be the final Crisis. It's written by Grant Morrison with art by J.G. Jones, both of whom you might remember as being key players in the enormously enjoyable weekly series 52 from a year or so back. Morrison, of course, is also the current writer on both Batman and All Star Superman, two excellent comics. So it's got that going for it. As well, it promises to be a grand superhero epic spanning the entire history of the DC Universe. So, like, score.
It's been plugged under the tagline, "Heroes die. Legends live forever." So, um, we can probably expect some sort of Götterdämmerung where, y'know, our favourite four-colour heroes go the way of the dinosaur, only to be born anew, fresh and vital for a new heroic age!
All this AND major Kirby content, as Grant Morrison taps into the Fourth World mythology Kirby built at DC in the 70s (Morrison's recent Seven Soldiers opus not only built on the format of modal storytelling, it also drew heavily on Kirby concepts like the New Gods and Klarion the Witch Boy--no Don Rickles guest appearance, though).
The final issue of Final Crisis (according to current estimates--it seems like the more anticipated a title is, the lmore likely it is to slip behind schedule) is due in December of this year, and that seems as good a time as any to finally step off the mountain of reading comics by the issue and let the Sisyphean rock roll on down the slope.
I do still love the comics. Don't get me wrong. I'm just running out space in my life for them. They're cumbersome and fragile at the same time. And most of them don't really merit a second-reading, so why hold on to them??? I wish I knew other kids my age I could swap comics with so that I could a) read every comic ever and b) give the comics I've already read to a good home.
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