Thursday, August 22, 2013

everyone whispers, 'cause I talk too loud

If there was one thing Aesop liked about parties it was that they're easy to leave. You just wait for the host to get into conversation with someone else and you slip on out the door. It was easier to do in Vancouver than it had been in Regina. In the winter, anyway, when you had to put on boots and gloves and a parka, it was a little harder to slip away into the night when you'd had your fill of human interaction. It was easier to just not show up at all.
Aesop saw his chance when Luke's wife came out to the patio to present some friends of hers from out of town who'd just arrived.
"Sorry," Aesop interrupted the introductions, "it's been a while. The bathroom is..."
"Down the hall, second door on the right."
Aesop could have drawn a diagram of the apartment and knew exactly where he was going. Down the hall, first door on the left. From one hallway to another. An elevator. A glass door. Exhale. 

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