Monday, August 12, 2013

just behind the dawn

The Detective lost his job at the newspaper after the Gaétan Incident. Another few years and he would have lost his job to the slow death of industry, so he didn't hold a grudge. The Actor, who was by then finishing up a MFA in creative writing at UBC, convinced the Detective to come out west, write screenplays together. The Actor even helped the Detective find a job. Which was how, at the age of 29, the Detective found himself getting up 7 in the morning to ride the B-Line across town to wash dishes at a popular brunch spot on Main Street.
The Detective had dishwashed his way across the country a decade earlier, from Banff to Montreal. It had never been particularly inspiring work, but it was all the more demoralizing to end up back in the dishpit with 30 on the horizon. Demoralization, it turned out, was inspiring, and the Detective spent every pearl diving moment thinking of a way out. 

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