Monday, August 19, 2013

if we all go

That's when the windows blew in.
Everything went loud orange, then hissing black, then silent gray. Aesop was under his desk. Earthquake? Continental drift? Rapture?
The silence turned to a buzz and the gray dissipated, letting through staggered rays of sunlight like lasers through a fog machine at a Duran Duran concert. Aesop stuck his head up and saw Gil and Roz were already at the window where the the dust seemed the thinnest. He joined them.
"What the hell?" he tried to say, as his eyes followed the line from Gil's pointing finger to the burning mess of the ground floor of the medium-rise office building across the street.
He could see Roz's lips moving, repeating something,"...some fucks they blew up, some fucks they blew up...". Aesop closed his eyes and mentally reconstructed the view he'd seen out the window dozens of times before, as recently as five minutes ago. A courier outlet, a dry cleaner, the lobby of the office building, a fast food franchise..burritos? Thai?...and a chain coffee shop.
Aesop opened his eyes and looked at Roz again with concentration and finally heard: "...they blew up Starbucks! They b..."

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