Monday, July 14, 2008

Hell yes, I'm ready!

Wade over at Signal Response has more or less declared this to be Batman Week. In case you haven't spent 15 minutes in my company for the last year, or have been living under a rock, or just have other things going on in your life, the new Batman movie comes out on Friday. (Is that the real reason I changed my work schedule from Tues-Fri to Mon-Thurs??? I'll never tell.)

In for a penny, as they say...

"He cuts through the film sort of like the shark in Jaws," says director Chris Nolan about the Joker over at CBR.

Harvey Dent interviewed on Gotham Tonight.

Throughout the week, in addition to links and stories, I'll also try to answer the age old question: "What's On Your BatPod, Batman??? and present songs I think the Masked Manhunter might listen to on those long lonely nights brooding against the Gotham skyline.

mp3: "Midnight Walker" by Bohren and Der Club of Gore

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