Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Night Shift, Batman & Me

Scientific American Q&A's "movement researcher" and bona fide Batfan E. Paul Zehr on why Batman could exist (he already does, duh!):
The difficulty for Batman is he's going to be trying to sleep during the day. He's going to be really tired, actually, unless he can shift himself over to just being up at night. If he were just a nocturnal guy, he would actually be a lot healthier and have a lot better sleep than if he were doing what he does now, which is getting some light here and there. That's going to mess up his sleep patterns and duration of sleep.

Sounds familiar. Am I Batman? I'll never tell. Okay, I would totally tell if I was Batman. Which is why I wouldn't be Batman for very long.

mp3: "Telescope" by the Telepathic Butterflies
mp3: "A Scathing Report" by the Telepathic Butterflies

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