Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Pacific NorthWhat, now?

Geography has never been one of my strong points (nor the days of the week, see previous post), so I'm having a hard time figuring how Saskatchewan managed to score a seat at the Pacific NorthWest Economic Region. Did someone confuse potash for salmon? Though I guess if Idaho and Montana are in, why not the Ess-Kay? Of course, our dear friends Alberta sponsored our admission (does this mean we can call them in the middle of the when we relapse and spend the night downing Great Western Light with Manitoba?), and that means they're gonna expect little something-something in return. But then, I don't know if we want to stand too close to Alberta today.

And while I'm repping for the L-P, this is a sorta disgusting post from their A Moment In Crime blog, which is kinda wanting for local content, but pretty okay in a weird crime kinda way.

It's funny that I'm using we to talk about Saskatchewan. It's been two years since I left, and I'll be there in about ten days, and I'm kinda looking forward to seeing it again. A lot's changed since I left, and I'm eager to check it out. Of course, I'll have a full plate once I touch down, and a good amount of the week I'll be there will be spent at the lake, reconnecting with silence. Outside of affordable housing, silence just might be the scarcest of resources in Vancouver

But silence isn't always the best. Sometimes catchy synth-pop from New Zealand is better. Little Pictures have a new album called Owl + Owl. They're touring NZ this summer. I'm going to Buffalo Pound. I win.

mp3: "I'm Not Scared" by Little Pictures
mp3: "I Am A Camera" by Little Pictures

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