Thursday, July 17, 2008

Let's Go, Chum!

At midnight it begins. The Dark Knight. In theatres. At IMAX, if I want to go all the way to Richmond, which I kinda do and I kinda don't. Do: Want to see TDK in IMAX. Don't: Want to go to Richmond. There are worse fates, I suppose. And besides, the real issue is going to be magically avoiding line-ups. Waiting until next weekend = magic. Sigh.

Christian Bale is vehemently anti-Boy Wonder, which is silly. If there was ever a Batman who needed the kind of brightening up that comes from spending your nights in the company of a laughing young daredevil.

I am expecting a sidekick of my own. A little partner to whom I can pass on some of my earned wisdom and acquired detective skills. Actually, I imagine I'll more likely be playing Robin to my child's Batman, quipping bad jokes as we chase away the darkness. Or, even better, I'll be my Bat-child's Commissioner Gordon, a steady beacon of integrity, always at the ready with some expository dialogue and a whiff of Weltschmerz. I've been wrestling with the idea lately that I'm about to become a supporting player in the movie of my life. It's not without appeal, going from leading man to character actor. Those roles are usually more fun. Charactor actors get all the best lines.

In non-Batman news, Kids These Days are going to playing a rare show on July 30th at the Railway Club, along with Octoberman. You could do a lot worse.

mp3: "Intoxicated" by Kids These Days
mp3: "The Captain" by Kids These Days

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