Friday, January 11, 2008

2007: Comic books I have dug

I just chanced upon master comics critic Douglas Wolk's list of great graphic novels from 2007 over on Salon, and I thought maybe I would try to come up with my own list. Maybe. Let's see if I can think of ten comics I genuinely enjoyed. I think I'll have to include reprints. And even then I don't think I've got ten comics I really feel comfortable stumping for.

5. Jack Kirby's Fourth World Omnibus - if you look up "hot shit 70s psych-fi" in the dictionary--you'll be disappointed, but in a perfect world, etc
4. Showcase Presents Aquaman - more reprints, featuring an alarming amount of pathos from the King of the Seven Seas and his finny friends, especially the episode where they open an underwater hospital.
3. All Star Superman - doesn't come out nearly as often as it should, but it's always a little bit magical
2. Scott Pilgrim - so cool it hurts
1. Kyle Baker's Special Forces - crude and nasty war satire
MOST BEST COMIC I EVER READ WHICH TRANSCENDS STUPID NUMBERING. The Salon - One kickass comic by Nick Bertozzi (who also drew a very fine comic about Houdini that came out in 2007). Bertozzi's also got a wicked web-comic about Ernest Shackleton on his website that you will enjoy. That is not a recommendation, it's a command.

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Chris Piuma said...

Wait, really? The Salon? I guess I need to look at ILC more often, but... I dunno, I was unimpressed with it when I looked at it and when I saw duder describe it, although he seemed to be a nice and interesting fellow.