Thursday, January 10, 2008

Life Is A Salad Worth Eating

This is a great, easy salad that looks as nice as it tastes. It takes about 3 minutes to make, and livens up whatever other easy crap you decided to make for supper, like a frozen pizza or microwave burrito. I stole the idea from a pay-by-the-pound vegetarian restaurant in Montreal. It's a particularly good winter salad, since it's part canned, part fresh.


1 can beets, sliced or rosebud - I typically use rosebud beets, sliced in half
1 apple - it doesn't really matter what kind of apple, but I like to use something local and semi-exotic. What's an exotic apple? Anything whose name you don't recognize. For the salad pictured, I used a BC-grown Pink Lady apple, which is a cross between a Golden Delicious and a Lady Williams.
2 pinches of dill
1 handful of walnuts, chopped or crumbled (optional)
1 bit of cheese, diced (optional) - I like to use a light havarti, because it's a little bit creamy, which contrasts nicely with the crunchy walnuts and crisp apple. Generally, if you add anything extra to the salad like walnuts or cheese, you want to be thinking about building texture rather than complicating the flavour. So no feta or blue.

Open up the can of beets, drain the juice and then pour the beets into a medium bowl. Cut the apple into chunks, discard the core (I shouldn't have to say this, but, come on, you're taking my advice on smart can you be?). Add to beets. Add walnuts and/or cheese if you want. Sprinkle dill. Toss that salad. Eat.

mp3: "The World's Greatest" by Bonnie "Prince" Billy

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