Thursday, January 31, 2008

All the (Blog) Critics Love U in New York

Don't mean to brag, but they read me in NYC. Yeah, I'm a big shot. I'm awesome. I know. And I'm going to see Jim Gaffigan on Saturday night. Jealous? I don't blame you. And y'know what's weird? I almost never get to watch Conan O'Brien anymore, but I did on Monday night. And y'know who was on? Jim Gaffigan. And you know where Conan is filmed? New York. It's a fact. I don't even have to make this up because it was already true before you even read it.

In the Bad-News-For-Formerly-Balding-Guys Dept., Guy Lafleur plans on turning himself in to authorities on Friday morning.

In the Shit-You-Might-Already-Know Dept., the Moutain Goats are going to be playing at Richard's on Richards on Feb. 22. That's in Vancouver, yo. You can check out the video (speaking of questionable haircuts) for "Sax Rohmer #1" (from the MGs forthcoming album Heretic Pride) RIGHT ABOUT HERE.

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