Wednesday, January 02, 2008

2007: The Year That Was

Here's looking at you, dear reader. Even though I didn't start tracking visitor statistics until mid-July, I'm going to pretend that the following data represents all of 2007. Just cuz I can. And because I just rode the bus with Tegan and/or Sara. Of the semi-popular musical group. That's right. Celebrities on public transit.

  • Most popular day: Dec. 24th
  • Most popular search terms not affiliated with my name: shammes, howling hex, pat fiacco, dome land development, I'm not man or machine I'm just something in between
  • My favourite search terms: 2007 are moustaches fashionable, famously nearsighted people, high class in borrowed shoes, how do I act surprised for my party, list of movies about bulldozers
  • Favourite search term that was probably just me goofing off: Superman rock & roll hair
  • Times I feel like the stats tracker is just a big waste of time: all of them

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