Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Things To Do With A Million Dollars in Saskatchewan

A Wheatland librarian made off with $1 million in a fake book scheme. Just think of what he could have done with all that loot!

I'm gonna put on my Ron Petrie hat (which would be a non-ironic--well maybe ironic, but more sarcastic-ironic than hipster-ironic--farmer hat with a patch from an Ituna bait & tackle shop) and list all the things you could in Saskatchewan with an ill-gotten million dollars.

  • Bedazzler two blocks of 12th Ave. in Regina and rename it Bedazzlergina.
  • Put a down payment on a Yaletown loft.
  • Hire one-twelfth of the Rolling Stones to play 2-nights at the Vibank curling rink and civic centre.
  • Secure the naming rights for Moose Jaw's WHL team. New name: the Moose Jaw Cuddlers
That's all I got.

mp3: "Mail Fraud" by the Minor Thirds

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