Thursday, January 10, 2008

High Prices Going Up

Ten days in, 2008 is looking to be the most expensive year ever. Here in Vancouver, going to work and coming home has gone up by at least 50 cents a day. If you want to go to Surrey--or more likely, if you want to leave Surrey, it'll cost you a whopping five dollars. Unless you wait until dark--and who wants to be in Surrey after dark?--then you can escape for a mere $2.50.
Even the pizza on Hastings has gone up in the New Year. What once simultaneously filled and rotted your gut for nothing more than a loonie now flies out the door for a $1.25 per slice. Ranch dressing is still free, though, so drench that streetza.
The one-point cut to the GST has so far yielded zilch. Most retailers seem to have merely bumped their prices up so that what was a two-dollar coffee in 2007 remains a two-dollar coffee in 2008, keeping the extra two cents for themselves. So, hurrah for business, small and large, I guess. But for consumers, so what? The GST cut isn't bringing me any closer to my 150" TV or my $28 million condo.

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Bulldozer said...

Nice to see some prices are going down recently, though. Let's hope it continues...