Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Justice League of America has finally met its match

Variety reports that the JLA has been brought down by the WGA (at least in part). The live-action flick was reportedly going to begin filming this spring with a rumoured cast of teenaged no-name TV actors, and rapper Common in the role of Green Lantern (which GL is anyone's guess).
The script, by a former scribe of Touched by an Angel and Nash Bridges, was apparently deemed unfit by the Warner execs, and with no writers available (some sort of strike, I guess), the project is dead in the water.
Which is good news for both comics fans and movies fans, because the movie looked like it was going to be shit-tay.
I've become increasingly hostile to the idea of superhero movies-qua-superhero movies. Superman Returns was such a frivolous movie (though not as frivolous as the Richard Donner cut of Superman II) which I felt really had nothing to say and no reason for existing other than Warner felt they had to something with their property. This was made all the more unsatisfying by the fact that the film was made by the same person who had kickstarted the superhero movie renaissance with two potent X-Men flicks.
Batman Begins, on the other hand, was pretty much the antithesis of Superman Returns. It had a purpose, it had a vision, it had Gary Oldman. It wasn't just a superhero movie (a meaningless descriptor if there was one, which nonetheless applies perfectly to Superman Returns). It was more of a 70s cop/vigilante movie, really, closer in theme to The French Connection or Taxi Driver than Super Friends. And this summer's The Dark Knight looks like it can only be more awesome.
The point? I dunno. But there's also going to be an Iron Man movie this year, directed by Jon Favreau and starring Robert Downey Jr. Like Christopher Nolan's Batman movies, Iron Man has the chance to be something more than a story of a man and his cape (Iron Man doesn't even wear a cape). I'm kinda excited to see it. Here's the trailer.

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wade said...

I have to agree with you here. Out of the two major publishers, I'm pretty much a bigger fan of DC than Marvel so, if I see a crappy Marvel movie, I don't really care. I go into it thinking "Do I even care about Daredevil?" or "Wow, um, Ghost Rider is going to suck." But DC? I'm a huge fan of DC. I like the characters and I like the dynamics between them when they do meet up. When I heard of the Justice League movie and that Aquaman was going to be in it, I think I felt a little sick. Aquaman? Really? Even beyond my dislike of Aquaman it's just a bad idea. They already have two franchises going with Superman and Batman. They should just stick to character movies. If you tried to bring those characters together, people would want Batman to be Christian Bale and expect Superman to be Christopher Reeve (though I realize that's not possible but it's what I'd want). No one wants some kind of Earth 2 Superman. Maybe it's time for Wonder Woman or oh, were it to be true, a Captain Marvel movie. I'd go see those. Iron Man? Yeah, I was pretty skeptical at first but after I'd watched the trailer I was pretty stoked. Tony Stark. Drunk, rich, Tony Stark. That you should see. What a drunk, rich Tony Stark will do in a suit of metal? That you should see.